The MRO's Trade Connector


MRO Contracts Development, Contracts Negotiation, MRO Contracts Management, Costs Analysis and Revenues:

  • Aircraft maintenance;
  • Engines & APU’s repair/overhaul;
  • LRU’s/Components consignment stock, repair and stock  replenishment;
  • PBH and Fixed Cost contracts;
  • LOI and MOU development.


Tender assessment;

  • Short-List bidders negotiation;
  • Final Offer negotiation;
  • Costs & Revenues evaluation and management;
  • Request For Quote (RFQ) assessment and submission;
  • After sales management.


  • SWOP Analysis
  • Positioning
  • Market Requirements
  • Market/Commercial Plannig
  • International events selection
  • Customers (captive and new)
  • Costs and Revenues

Customer Service

  • Organisation;
  • External and Internal Communication;
  • Responsibilities (Sales, C. Services);
  • Reporting, Invoicing, Outstanding;
  • Payment; Warranty Administration;
  • Customer Satisfaction; Customer/Seller meetings organisation (i.e. quarterly).

Initial Provisioning

  • IP Conference;
  • IP Parameters and Math Model;
  • IP Recommendations Analysis:
  • Buyback Support;
  • Material Planning Support and Management;
  • Alternatives simulation.